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US Navy's Subs: Deterrence in a Changing World

Giants Built for DeterrenceIn today's rapidly changing geopolitical landscape, the balance of power among nations remains dynamic and often unpredictable. With global tensions rising and international relations becoming more complex, maintaining a robust defense system for the United States cannot be overstated. Central to this defense is the US Navy's submarine program, a strategic initiative to ensure the Nation's security and reinforce its position on the world stage.

At Granite State Manufacturing (GSM), we take pride in our significant contribution to this initiative. Our collaboration with General Dynamics Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding enables us to produce essential life-critical systems, which are crucial for the US Navy's mission and the safe return of our sailors to their loved ones.

Through our commitment to precision manufacturing, we play a key role in building submarines that serve as more than mere vessels; they stand as formidable guardians designed for deterrence.

Submarines are the silent guardians of the deep, capable of operating covertly and striking with precision. They act as a deterrent, ensuring that potential adversaries think twice before taking aggressive actions. With nations reevaluating their positions and strategies in the current global context, having a solid submarine fleet sends a clear message: the United States is prepared to defend its interests and allies, no matter the challenges.

Crafting Life-Critical Systems: The GSM Advantage

Our team at GSM is deeply committed to our Nation's defense. 

We pride ourselves on crafting the life-critical systems that allow sailors to BREATHE, LISTEN, and COMMUNICATE while on mission, and this dedication to precision and quality ensures unparalleled excellence in our products.

As a testament to our standards, GSM-manufactured life-critical systems can be found on every US submarine in the fleet.

We recognize the profound significance of our work and its influence on national and global security. By ensuring GSM's goals align with the US Navy's mission, we do more than construct submarines; we strengthen the Nation's determination and commitment to security.